From Hemavarshini (Class XII – 2020 batch)

Dear Baba,

I’m Hemavarshini.K, Sushil Hari student of 2019-2020 batch, CBSE. Our school has ranked No 1 in the National Level Higher Secondary Examination this year. I’m so glad to hear this news. I’m so proud to be a student of Sushilhari. Thank you so much baba.

Your weekly hugs, funny and cute jokes that you share were awesome. You gave us all the freedom and space you can. I feel so happy when you come near me to give chocolates or fruits or hugs or taps on my shoulder. I don’t know what attracted me towards you. You are not my mother or father or relative. But the surprise is I love you more than anyone in this world. Thank you for your love and care. I will never let go of you.

As a person we must excel in both education and good qualities. Education is something which we can get in any school. But good qualities are very special. I’m going to share with you the best qualities I have learnt from my teachers. I studied in our school from fourth standard. I’m willing to share about my 11th and 12th teachers.

11th teachers:

Gayathri Ma’am: She was my math teacher. Her classes are extraordinary. Her words will be very crisp and clear. I admire her leadership quality and fastness to approach any situation. She has shared very little about her past life. But that was enough for me to understand that a person can come up from an empty hand. I started loving math to teach than to study from her classes.

Chakrapani Sir: He was my physics sir. He always encourages and entertains us. He gathers information from every side and teaches it in a meaningful way. His examples to remember the concepts will be amazing. His classes will be filled with fun and noise. We enjoy attending his class and learning physics. He enjoys our little teasings among us. He is very sportive and forward minded.

11th and 12th teachers:

Lakshmi Ma’am: She was my biology teacher. She is a very sweet mam. She loves biology and teaches with utmost interest. She always motivates us. She expects 100% from all of us. This expectation makes us aim and achieve higher. She prepares a lot and takes many notes to teach us. I learnt note making as a habit from her. She makes us happy and love her subject.

Chandraprabha Ma’am: She was my chemistry teacher. More than learning chemistry, she moulds us to lead a peaceful and meaningful life. We learn at least one good habit from her each day. I’m not very much interested in chemistry but her interest in it is very high. So, as energy flows from higher level to lower level, her interest was shared with us. Nobody else could explain those concepts much better than her. She feeds us good habits and chemistry. I will be eager to learn something new each day from her. Being with her expands our brain.

GP Sir: He was my physics and math teacher. The best quality that a person needs is patience. We can learn it from him. He clears all types of doubts. He is an awesome teacher, person and soul. He shares many funny jokes with us. He connects some of the concepts of physics with movies. He always wants us to be engaged in some useful work. I admire his dedication towards any work he does. GP Sir is the best example of being perfect and super awesome.

Praveena Ma’am: She is my English teacher and class teacher. She is so kind and honest. She cares all of us like her own children during school days. She gave us all the freedom. She always has a positive and energetic smile on her face. Her words will be so touching. She is very responsible and dedicated. She makes us feel comfortable.

Thank you for giving such wonderful teachers Baba.

From Rithik Kumar (Class XII)

Good evening Baba. I am Rithik Kumar.S of class XII CBSE (2019-20 batch) Our results have been declared and I am happy to inform you I have scored 486/500 with your blessings. I would like to thank all our school teachers from Sathyabama Ma’am (UKG ) to Praveena Ma’am ( 12th ) . On this happy note I would also like to share an incident in my life. When I first came to Thiruporur, my parents were searching for a school to enroll me in UKG. All those applications were turned down because we had applied late. Despite that, to admit me, all those schools demanded donations and deposits. By chance, my parents saw a small banner in the Vengaleri Samratchana rural upliftment trust and decided to enroll me in Sushil Hari. We were completely shocked because despite the fact we were 1.5 months late Sushil Hari admitted us with NO DONATIONS, NO DEPOSITS and LOWEST FEES with HIGHEST QUALITY OF INFRASTRUCTURE and UNMATCHED TEACHERS QUALIFICATIONS in all of Tamil Nadu.  And I have always believed it was you who had led me to Sushil Hari & will always lead me through all the roses and thorns that life has in store for me. With lots of love to you and gratitude to our teachers.

From Aayush Balaji (Class XII)

Dear Baba,

I am Aayush Balaji of XII CBSE. With your blessings, I scored a total of 490/500 in my board exams, the results of which were declared on 13 July. This wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for my XIIth teachers Praveena Ma’am, GP sir, Raman sir, Chandraprabha ma’am and XIth teachers Gayathri ma’am and Chakrapani sir who put lots of effort in not only instilling knowledge in me, but also a great deal of discipline, which is a crucial component of a person’s character. I thank you for giving me the best two years of my school life, with your enigmatic presence, highly qualified teachers and supportive classmates. This brief two years has brought in such a positive, holistic, spiritual development in me which will help me grow and face all challenges in life. Thank you.


From Rahul A (Class XII)

Dear Baba,

I am A Rahul of XII CBSE. I got to know the result of my final exam day before yesterday. I got 480/500. I was overloaded with joy after seeing my result. My eyes were almost filled with tears of happiness.

Before joining Sushil Hari in XI, I studied in a Central Government residential school as my mother worked there. It was in one of the most backward districts of Karnataka, isolated from all the cities. I never had a good exposure to people in cities like Chennai. On my first day at Sushil Hari, I was really scared. I had never seen a school with such great infrastructure before. All my classmates had lived in Chennai or other big cities. I felt inferior. Throughout my XI, I was not really that good at studies. In fact, I struggled to pass in Physics and Chemistry. Just a month after joining Sushil Hari, I left the hostel and started travelling from my house in Tambaram as I felt really alone. I missed my parents and I was severely homesick. The travel via government bus actually added a huge weight to my already existing difficulties. I had never done anything like that before. I was under huge stress and eventually, I started suffering from chronic insomnia. I started sleeping in the bus while travelling and many a times I even missed my stopping. I was pretty much always late to school because of one reason or other. I even slept during classes sometimes. There were times when I felt like I was about to fall unconscious in the bus. I was constantly falling behind my classmates even after many efforts. As a result, I closed myself & stopped talking to my classmates. I spent many sleepless nights crying and worrying about my studies. Even today, I don’t really know how I was able to pass in XI.

My XII would have pretty much been the same if it weren’t for my teachers. I used to struggle for passing in Chemistry. Chandraprabha ma’am helped me a lot through her extra classes after school. I was able to catch-up with my classmates and score 95 in chemistry because of her. Praveena ma’am motivated me to put in more efforts and she helped me to open up with my classmates. My friends gladly accepted me. I found out that I and my friends were much the same. I will forever cherish my memories of Thekkady trip with them. In fact, I became so close to my friends that we ended up damaging a tube light while playing in the class (we are really sorry for that)! Gayathri ma’am, Chakrapani sir, and Karuna ma’am also helped me a lot when I was in XI.  GP sir and Raman sir are hands down the coolest and my most favourite teachers. They were really kind to me, and they passionately answered all my doubts no matter how silly they were.

Baba, because of you and my family at Sushil Hari, I was able to experience the most significant two years of my life. My family at Sushil Hari made me realise that I am just as capable as others. With blessings from you and my teachers, I know that I will succeed no matter where I go. I am a Sushil Harian after all!

From Sawmundieswari S (Class XII)

Dear BABA,

This is from Sawmundieswari.S of class XII (your Tamil student). With Your blessings, I was able to pass my XII in our school with 96% and you have made me to score 95% in Tamil (your subject). This score is impossible without Your blessings and our teachers’ hard work. It was possible because of your motivation and pampering Baba. Especially for Tamil students, the biggest motivation is you mentioning us as “என் பசங்க”!

Thanking all the teachers who supported us! Thank you for all your blessings Baba. Want to be in your protected and blessed umbrella always!

From Ashwini (Class XII)

Dear Baba,

I am Ashwini. I completed my 12th in Sushil Hari and I scored 93% (558 marks) and all this is because of your blessings and the motivation you gave me. I am proud to be a student of Sushil Hari. I am really blessed to study in this school. My sincere thanks for all the support that you gave me Baba.

From Mridula Sharma (Class XII)

Dear Babs,

Everything is going on well with your grace. It is your grace that has got me to this position. I have scored 532/600 in my twelfth board examination (2019-20) including a State Rank in French. Thank you, Babs, for showering your true and pure form of love on me. I feel myself lucky to be a part of not only the Institution but also Samratchna. These two years flew just like that giving me unforgettable and lovable memories. I enjoyed each and every moment. Actually, it was this paradise which taught me how to live in this world and according to me, I lived these two years completely. Thank you, Babs!

It was not only my hard work that has taken me here, but also the love of all my teachers, non-teaching staff, Samratchna and Warden Uncle. All my teachers were playing the role of Second Mother in my life (caring, lovable). Even My Warden Uncle have taken great efforts for us. I am also very thankful to him. He was the one who was there all the time with me when I was in hostel and took great care of me. I am also thankful to the people of Samratchna who never made me feel like I was in a hostel. They were also like my own family members.

My sister has also scored 458/500 in her tenth board examination and has successfully got admitted in Pure Science stream in our school.

Thank you, Babs, for all that you are showering in my life. I am very grateful to you. Hoping for the best to see you soon (but you somehow make grand entry in my dreams).

From Bhavarannya Thulasidas (Class XII)

Dear Baba,

I’m so happy and thankful for guiding me. I’ve received my results today. I am so happy, and I want to thank all my teachers who had struggled a lot for us, more than us. They stood up and worked for us day and night. Sushil Hari is the one and only best school known for it’s protective environment, high class amenities, highly graded teachers and of course God himself running the institution. I’ve received one of the best coaching ever here.
I had good batchmates who helped me at every situation of my studies here. I also thank you for arranging the trip to Thekkady. It was the best ever schooling experience I had in Sushil Hari that will always be remembered by all of our batchmates. Thanking you always for the life you have blessed for each and every one of us.

From Kehxheni Paramasivan (Class XII)

Dear Baba,

I’m Kehxheni Paramasivan, alumni of Sushil Hari International Residential School. By Your grace, I scored 557 in the 12th board exam. This is all because of you Baba. To be honest, I was an average student. But you moulded me with your love and care and also provided the best education to me. Thank you so much my love. I’m nothing without you. I promise you that I’ll study hard and make you feel proud always. I would also like to thank all my teachers (Karuna ma’am, Raji ma’am, Santhanam Sir and Praveena ma’am). They encouraged and supported me throughout.

From Tharshan Kumar, Malaysia (Class XII)

Dear Baba,

I have got 442/600 in my XII exam. Thank you for everything baba. My 5 years of association with Sushil Hari helped me to learn a lot of values in my life. Besides education, Sushil Hari also teaches how to live. I have learnt lot of extra activities like sports, yoga, vedas, bhajans etc. Today in outside world, most of the teenagers of my age are roaming around with beer in their hands and cigarettes in their mouth. I am very happy that I’m not one of them. This is only because of you and Sushil Hari. You are not only my Tamil teacher, but also teacher of my life. Please guide me in each and every step of my life. I know that you are always with me in every situation. As how RBI is the master of all banks in India, Sushil Hari is the master of each and every school in the world. Thank you for everything baba. Love you lots.

From Preethi U C, (Class XII)

Dear Baba,

I’m Preethi, alumni of Sushil Hari International Residential School. I am a commerce student and with your grace, I scored 91% in 12th board exam. “A student’s life is a golden life”, said Jawaharlal Nehru. This is a very apt statement, because I have spent golden years from 4th to 12th in Sushil Hari. Thank you so much baba for giving me the best teachers in my life. It is the only school where a student can enjoy, studying with nature. The last two years of my higher secondary gives me gorgeous moments with loveable teachers. My teachers not only treated me as their student, but also like a daughter which helped me succeed in life. I thank all my teachers for the high scores – Commerce and Accountancy-Santhanam Sir, Economics and English-Praveena ma’am, French-Raji ma’am, and  Computer Application-Karuna ma’am. You’ve provided me the best education in my life. My higher secondary teachers also taught me good values, honesty, courage, fairness, respect, caring, and trust. No one can take away the beautiful I learnt from Sushil Hari. I’m going to join Hindustan College of Arts and Science with all your blessings. You mean so much to me and I want to have your blessings throughout my life.

From ‘Kindergarten’ to ‘Primary’,

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                From ‘Higher Secondary’ to ‘an Alumni of Sushil Hari’ and continues…