From Kehxheni Paramasivan (Class XII)

Dear Baba,

I’m Kehxheni Paramasivan, alumni of Sushil Hari International Residential School. I’ve successfully completed 12th  with your blessings.  Thank you so much Baba for everything. You’ve always showered us with your love and care. You have provided the best environment for studying…calm, peaceful, green and huge campus.  Sushil Hari is not only meant for education but also for lifetime support. No wonder our school is the best one. Besides, I would like to thank all the teachers who taught us. They’ve always supported and encouraged us without fail.  I would also like to thank our Warden Sir (Ramachandran Uncle) and Valli Akka, who took good care of us and Janaki Aunty and Jagdish Uncle, who were with us until we boarded the flight.

From  Twesha Giridharan (2011 Batch)

Senior French Translator, Amazon

I have some great news for you. My promotion is officially announced at office and I am now a senior French Translator at Amazon. My manager has conveyed my salary and hike percentage. He said that hike will be just around 20% for any promotions but I have received the highest, 34.4 %.

Right from joining Sushil Hari, passing out with 3rd  rank, joining Mount Carmel College to pursue my B.Com and MBA passing out with 3rd  rank once again, completing higher levels in French Language and finally getting a job in Amazon to be a part of a brilliant team and a safe work environment. I owe it completely to you and we share the success together. I was so depressed after completing MBA and not getting a good job opportunity, yet you told me to hold on and within 3 months I got selected by Amazon. Here, I got an opportunity to work with many teams and learnt new team processes which makes me a pro in whatever task I handle, be it technical or applying communication skills. I have participated in singing talent shows here at Amazon. I have also been nominated several times for receiving milestone and customer delight awards and have received several certificates and prize money for winning singing competitions. It is you who told me that the job at Amazon will be the ideal one for me.

From Shyam Sundar (2006 Batch)

Procurement Manager, China State Construction, Dubai.

அன்புள்ள பாபா,

என் நண்பர் சுந்தர் ராஜன் சமீபத்தில் சம்ரட்சணாவைப் பார்வையிட்டார். அற்புதமான படைப்புகளைக் கண்டு ஆச்சரியப்பட்டு, தன் வாழ்நாளில் இதுபோன்ற அழகான இடத்தை பார்த்ததில்லை என்று சொன்னார். அவர் என்னிடம் “நான் பெருமாள் கோயில், துர்க்கை கோயில் மற்றும் விநாயகர் கோயில் ஆகியவற்றை பார்வையிட்டேன்.  பிரசாதம் சிறு குழந்தைகளால் விநியோகிக்கப்பட்டது மற்றும் அவர்கள் பணியாற்றும் விதம், கழிவுகளை சேகரித்தல், கைகழுவுவதற்கு தண்ணீர் கொடுப்பது, இந்த குழந்தைகள் எவ்வளவு ஒழுக்கமானவர்கள் என்பதைக் காட்டியது.  நான் அங்கு இருந்தபோது ஒரு வெளிநாட்டின் சில இடங்கள் வழியாக நடந்து வருவதைப் போல உணர்ந்தேன்” என்று சொன்னார்.

அவர், சம்ரட்சணாவைப் பற்றி உங்களுக்கு எப்படித் தெரியும் என்று கேட்டார். நான் அவரிடம் ‘‘நான் அங்குதான் என் பள்ளிப் படிப்பை முடித்தேன்.  கொரோனாவின் இந்த சூழ்நிலையில் நான் தப்பிப்பிழைக்க காரணம் சிவ சங்கர் பாபா மற்றும் அமைப்பிலிருந்து நான் கற்றுக்கொண்ட விஷயங்கள்.  சுயாதீனமாக இருப்பது, வீட்டு வேலைகளை கவனிப்பது, சமைப்பது போன்றவை நான் அங்கு கற்றுக்கொண்ட சில முக்கியமான விஷயங்கள்” என்று சொன்னேன்.

அவர் என்னிடம் ‘‘ நீங்கள் ஒரு அதிர்ஷ்டசாலி, இந்த அழகான அமைப்பிலிருந்து கல்வி கற்க உங்களுக்கு நல்ல வாய்ப்பு கிடைத்தது’’ என்று சொன்னார்.  சம்ரட்சணா ஒரு தெய்வீக இடம் என்பதால் உங்கள் வாழ்க்கை மாறும் என்று சொன்னேன். பாலாஜி கார்டனின் சாய் பாபா மற்றும் அத்திவரதரின் புகைப்படங்களை பார்த்து அவர் ஆச்சரியப்பட்டார். நான் கடவுளுடைய ராஜ்யத்தில் ஒருவன் என்ற வார்த்தைகளை அவரிடமிருந்து கேட்பதில் பெருமிதம் அடைந்தேன்.

From Retheka (Class XII)

Dear Baba

I have successfully completed my schooling in Sushil Hari! I would like to thank all our teachers who supported us till the last day of our board exams. Despite all the difficulties in health you made me write my exams. I really don’t know how to express my gratitude and love towards you!!!!

All your plans are going well Baba. Sushil Hari is unique in all ways when compared to all other schools. You have created such an amazing atmosphere for every one of us to enjoy studying.

I am entering a new beginning after schooling and I want you beside me always at all circumstances in my life. Once again, thanks a lot Babs for everything that you have given us.

From Rithik Kumar (Class XII)

I am so happy and blessed to inform you that I have scored 97.8960 percentile in JEE mains Jan 2020, with my Physics score – 99.894/100 and Chemistry score – 98.447/100.

I would also like to express my deepest gratitude to all our School teachers for bringing me up in life, knowledge, values. My special thanks to Chakrapani sir who had taken so much effort to teach us beyond the scope of our textbook, which had helped me in getting this score. Thanks to G.P sir as well for providing in-depth understanding and for being the most easily approachable teacher I have ever seen.

And last but yet the foremost I would like to express my thanks and prayers to you (Baba) for being the spiritual light in my life , and giving me the opportunity to proudly say that ” I AM A SUSHIL HARIAN “. With your blessings, I hope to get a seat in one of the finest colleges in our country.

From Parkavi (2018 Batch)

I Wish you many more happy returns of the day Baba. Live long and keep blessing us… “Days pass like clouds but memories stay like sky”…Though just for two years in Sushil Hari as a student and a hosteller I had countless memories. Many used to say “We don’t know the worth of a place when we are there, once we step out we will really miss it”…It really happens Baba…When I was in Sushil Hari I didn’t know it’s worth but now I am really missing everything… When I am confused or stressed I see your live speeches on YouTube and you give me an answer for all my questions. Thank you for all your love, care, advice, motivation and everything I received.

From Krishnan (2019 Batch)

Dear Baba,

I wish you a very happy birthday and thank you for everything you have given me. You and our school gave me not just education, but many more things. I studied from 3rd standard to 12th standard. Teachers like Devaki ma’am, Nagarajan sir, Sasikala ma’am, Rajeshwari ma’am, Priya and Praveena ma’am encouraged me to take part in cultural prpgrams. The annual Ramban cultural festival in our school served as a training ground for us to prepare for inter-school competitions.

On the education front, many teachers like GP sir, Chandrapraba ma’am, Karuna ma’am and others increased my interest in the core subjects during 12th grade. The facilities and support from our school is top class. I strongly believe that another important factor is the spiritual atmosphere in the campus and the selfless service of the volunteers. This is very unique and rarely found in any school. Your spiritual discourses are joyful yet philosophical. Overall I believe our school had trained me to manage my college life.

The younger me couldn’t have reached the current me without YOU.