Celebration of Life

January 10, 2020: Pongal Celebrations

The students of Sushil Hari celebrated Pongal clad in traditional attire. The harvest festival of Pongal was a colourful event with rangolis and bullock cart rides. Pongal was cooked in the traditional earthen pot and was offered to the students and teachers. The students regaled the audience with dances and songs celebrating the thanksgiving of harvest festival.

“New year programs are wonderful and intellectually organized by respectful Shri Baba. May the Almighty bestow him with the best of health, strength and happiness and his guidance to one and all.”  – Syed Bhai, (Guest, New Year Celebrations)

Special treat for students

School students who participated in New Year cultural programs were given Pizza, Ice-cream and goodies by our beloved Founder Baba.

Yoga training for students

School children were trained in different yogasanas by Ms. Anu Karthik, a Yoga Expert from Australia.  The students also demonstrated the yogic poses in the school New Year program.