Sushil hari school is a modern and model school for the present development system with more care to students in less cost.

Renu R

It is a very good school, teachers are well qualified. There is no donation.

Mindy Srinivasan

Best atmosphere to run the school, providing more amenities to shine the students best out of it.

Baba Bahu

Great school that provides the best of education ! Proud to be an alumnus of SHIRS!!

Dhivya B

World class infrastructure..!!Awesome place to get educated..!!

Vicky Naghamani

Greenish campus,high quality teaching, no donation, nominal fees.

Jayanthi Kumareasan

“Humanity & Social responsibilities (moral) were merely textbook lessons until I touched down at Samratchna (2006). A 72 acre campus (back then) was a beautiful depiction of a morden age Gurukulam. World renown scientists / masters of subject were not just educating the system, but setting up an example of simple lifestyle and humble aura, under the divine shade and blessings of “Shri Siva Shankar Baba”.

Sushil Hari International Residential School (SHIRS) had given me a established platform to uncover my abilities and achieve dreams. Every associate of an organisation displayed a selfless effort towards my success, which I restore with gratitude.

Today, I am serving as a First Officer with Jetairways (India) Ltd., with past experience of being a Flight Instructor, Executive Charter Pilot and lately a Chief of Flight Safety with Ventura Airconnect Ltd., at an age of 26 it was an achievement of life to be a management pilot. More than hard work it required a character building which I acquired from an exemplary faculties of SHIRS.

A sound grooming, orientation and focus to career is an inbuilt structure of educational system at SHIRS, which is evenly balanced with spiritual and social values. It helped me grown in my career as well as personal life. An idiom to Mach the skies with feet on ground has turned realisitic. And I humbly dedicate success to entire Samratchna.

A gratitude dedication to Sri Siva Shankar Baba, Dr. Ganesh Pataviraman, Mrs. Sudha, Mrs. Karuna, Mrs. Prema, Mrs. Lalita, Mr. R K Narayanan & Family.”

Ruchir Jindal – 2008 Batch
It was one sunny morning I walked into Ramarajya campus where SHIRS is situated looking for a second chance in 12th standard. It was Shiv Shankar Baba’s goodwill that I got that second chance. The institution changed my outlook to life. How the sunflower blooms in the presence of sunlight, I bloomed. I became outgoing, confident, assertive and more importantly I learnt how to lead a life.

Shiv Shankar Baba and teachers like G.P Sir, Karuna Akka, Vidya madam and Late Arun Sir who taught me various subjects in the school believed in one thing- to lead by example. In my year of experience, the teachers worked harder than the students. They would be available 24×7. Have you ever heard of this in any other school? I still remember the last couple of months before the exam when the preparation was at its peak. The teachers would sit with us in the hostel till the last person retired to bed and the same teachers were the first to wake us up. Today as I look back to those days, I realize their dedication to teach, work for the students and with the students. Today, I keep them as a role model and try to match my dedication in work to theirs’. Hopefully, one day I will match them. Thanks to them, I passed my 12th standard board exams with flying colors scoring highest marks in couple of subjects.

SHIRS is a school one of its kind. Believe me when I say that because thanks to my father’s transferable job, I studied in half a dozen schools across India and SHIRS is the only one I want to return to. The institution helped me identify my hidden talents. I was constantly encouraged to hone my communication skills, both in written and verbal form. I was given opportunities to compere various functions, do voice over for videos and more. Due to various setbacks in life, I had a lot of aggression and anger within me; however it was Baba and others who helped me channel them in a productive way.

The hostel life taught me many valuable lessons in life. To name a few, it taught me to live independently. I learnt to manage the monthly allowance in a budget friendly manner. I learnt to adjust in life and adapt myself to mingle with people from various walks of life. I learnt the beauty of communication even when the two parties didn’t know the same language. Cleanliness is Godliness became an integral part of my life. I learnt the importance of time management and most importantly, I learnt to multitask. I learnt to do chores like laundry, cleaning, etc. myself and today I’m glad I did. I live thousands of miles away in the land of United States and compete with people from across the world. Hiring help (maid) here is very expensive and I cannot imagine my life if I didn’t even know the basics.

At every crossroad of life Baba supported me. He played the role of my guide, counselor, mentor, parent and friend as and when the situation demanded. With his support, I did B.Sc. in Economics, Mathematics and Statistics. It is a very different course from the usual engineering, medical or commerce courses. Further, I went on to do my M.Sc. in Actuarial Science. Today, I work in a leading global consulting firm in New York City and help the multi-billion dollar financial institutions make sound decisions.

Often, the term ‘education’ is defined in one dimension and relates to its literal meaning of school or college education; however, in my experience education is multi-dimensional. As one progresses in his/her career, the importance of marks scored in the board exams or college degrees become less important. What really matters are other attributes like hard work, perseverance, resilience, dedication, humanity, humbleness, creativity, communication and imperatively confidence and courage. For one to imbibe these qualities, a holistic atmosphere is required where not only the school education is given importance, but also the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspect of life is balanced. If this is what you are looking for, SHIRS and Ramarajya is the ultimate stop.

For parents reading this, my advice would be to give your child/children an opportunity to spread his/her wings. For a very nominal amount, your child will have access to world class education and innumerable opportunities. Please remember that the school is not money minded and most of the teachers are volunteers who are productively serving the society. Alumni of the school are spread across continents and are employed in different sectors. We would jump at an opportunity to help a young ones when needed. When in doubt, ask yourself one question- Will you look back to this day in future and wonder how different your child’s life would have been if he/she had joined SHIRS? If the answer is yes, dive head first at this golden opportunity.

For students who are reading this, always remember that it takes two to tango. The school will give you a plethora of opportunities to excel at various different things, but it will be up to you to make the best use of it.

Over the last five years of my professional life, I’ve grown exponentially bagging three promotions at every 18 month interval which is not easy. I’ve received various awards for outstanding performance but the common denominator for these awards remains the same- ability to smile through failure or success and never shying away from a challenge to manage the most difficult situation. People who know me know that I don’t get bogged down in life easily and today I tell you the secret behind it- Arise, Awake, Work and Worship.

Geetanjali (2006 Batch)

Education is no longer endless nights, learning by rote meaningless paragraphs in an outdated syllabus. Education tomorrow will create an environment of academic freedom, where bright minds meet, discover and learn for themselves.

And it is all happening in SushilHari! Right now! Right here! SushilHari educates students from all over India, including those from the local and rural areas, and from other countries, so that they become enlightened individuals, improving the living standards of their families and society. They provide individual attention, world-class quality education and take care of character building. Students from a wide variety of social and cultural backgrounds live and study together in harmony at SushilHari and they develop the personality required by the global industry. The cosmopolitan environment is filled with opportunity, to learn and understand other cultures and languages.

SushilHari has assembled some of the best faculty, equipped with outstanding laboratories and teaching aids and it doesn’t just stop at guidance either. Facilities and resources abound on SushilHari’s lavish campus. SushilHari has the stability of government organizations and the flexibility of private organizations.

Library is a storehouse of knowledge. Besides the large number of books, encyclopedias, and reference materials on variety of topics, the library also subscribes to national and international journals. Students can take time out from rigorous training and keep fit by taking advantage of the well-equipped gymnasium or through yoga, Swimming to relieve stress or a ride on the horse are the popular activities.

SushilHari is a revolutionary residential school where students feel at home. All these cannot be achieved in any other institution but only in Sushil Hari because of the divine presence of Siddha Yogi Sri Shiva Shankar Baba.


Yuvashree M.U.(Class of 2008)
‘I can without a doubt claim that the two years I spent in Sushil Hari and Samratchana were undoubtedly the golden years of my life. The way Shiv Shankar Baba effortlessly molds youth through the medium of this institution is pure’ Art’ or I’d say a sophisticated ‘Magic Trick’ and  I’ve never witnessed an Craftsman or Magician as skilled as him.

I moved from Mumbai to Sushil Hari, as a Hostel Student for my 11th and 12th, majoring in Science. Like every complex teenager I too was a weird 16 year old, confused with weird set of ideologies , low self esteemed timid girl just trying to figure out where in life would I fit the best. This institution gave me the platform to discover myself, my potential, my personality and my creative side. This is one such institution that believes and practices in being self sufficient. You get the opportunity to wear different hats of responsibilities and are exposed to dealing with real time situations, where making decisions can affect a group of student, or in certain situations the reputation of the entire school. For Example, here our lecturers also serve as talented chefs, show organizers, orators, amazing classical singers, caring wardens, my list can go on. Every individual here is multifaceted and while every individual plays different roles around the clock at Samratchana, you are no exception to the drill. There is no way one can escape recognizing their talent, it is bound to find its way out and shine. Isn’t this the best to way to discover one’s strengths and weaknesses?

Every now and then Baba would randomly ask me to speak on the stage. While sometimes the crowd I’d address to was familiar, other times  in occasions where devotees would fly in from all over the world, the room would be full of strangers. Today, I thank him a million times for pushing me then because now, when I’m addressing a room full of business associates, I have no inhibitions. Similarly once the school learnt that I was trained in Odissi, a classical dance form, very frequently I would be asked to prepare and choreograph dance pieces at extremely short notices.  Nothing seemed impossible in this abode of haven, people would strive just to make it happen, take fast decisions, act quick with their heads over their shoulders in emergency situations. All this exposure and taking charge of situations made me flexible, fast adapting, hard working, ready to take up new challenges and most importantly learn to embrace failure which makes you a better performer, because if you don’t fail, the fear of loosing will never let you give in your 100 %.

The focus of this institution is not only education but also to prepare you as an individual to face Life, when it happens, because what is the point of all education when you can’t express it or use it or share it in the future.Our Professors at Sushil Hari are noble men and women highly ranked Scientists and Scholars who have served at top notch agencies such as NASA, who have given up their jobs in order to serve this institution. When you see them tirelessly working to find different ways to teach us and make the subjects interesting, it makes you want to perform better. This institution is not here to make money, here at Sushil Hari education is still considered sacred and not a business transaction.

It was Shiv Shankar Baba who suggested that I look into Biomedical Engineering, since I intended to contribute to the healthcare field. He also had a few of my lecturers help me with my entrance exams. Additional books were ordered on request in the library for my preparations. Today, I am a successful biomedical Engineer with a Masters Degree, serving in the field of Image Guided Surgery, working with state of the art navigation guide systems that allow optimal surgical procedures while giving a real time feedback.

Even today after 10 years of my encountering with the institution, my relationship with this institution or Shiv Shankar Baba has not changed. Every time I visit India I always plan to make a trip to Samratchana, the amount of care and pampering  Shiv Shankar Baba showers upon us students is just beyond expression. My success, my achievements, my evolution as a human being, all of this, I owe to the tricks and traits of Shiv Shankar Baba and this institution.’

Aradhana Yoganand (Class of 2008)