Sushilhari school’s facilities and the structure of the building are international standards. Teachers who are teaching in Sushilhari highly qualified and they have been worked in foreign countries like US, UK, MIDDLE EAST and etc for many years. Their knowledge and experience is the result of Sushilhari’s students performance in the CBSE exam results. Students who are studying here so lucky because each and every one will be taken care personally by the teachers and volunteers. I’m as a foreign parent from Malaysia send my only son in the age of twelve to pursue his secondary education in Sushilhari and my son in UWA Perth on his final year. He is performing good in his studies because of the Sushilhari teachers guidance and care. Another very important point’s is the school fees, hostel accommodation and food. Before my son’s enrollment to Sushilhari I have surveyed many schools in Tamil Nadu They are very expensive and asking for deposit and donations. Sushilhari school fees is the most cheaper and without any deposit and donations. Hostel accommodation twin sharing with individual toilet and bathroom. Students foods are reasonable, many choices and Students don’t miss their home food. I’m really thanks to Sushilhari school management to give an opportunity to my son to pursue his studies.

Chandra segar Soosaimany

Two best things that happened in my life.. Sushil hari school and Shri Siva Shankar Baba.. Needless to say about the remarkable infrastructure and other facilities.. One important thing that we had learnt as a student is to create a balance in life irrespective of the ups and downs that we had or are yet to undergo.. that is something that make us far more matured than we are supposed to have been at a given age.. also that is hardly being realised by the graduates.. Being educated is a feeling.. that is being given by this school to all the poor and middle class people for whom the school has been instituted especially, replacing the people’s complexes about their social status.. that is something commendable about this institution.. I am ever grateful to this institute and Shri Siva Shankar Baba.

Shiva Ram

The school, infrastructure, facilities, committed faculty, high class hostels, hygienic and quality food, dedicated selfless volunteers, well maintained high class toilets with nappy disposal incinerators and nappy dispensers at girls’ restrooms, eco-friendly, shady trees, periodic pest control done, spiritual and secular atmosphere, ample opportunities nurturing talents, physical training, development of sports and games activities by hiring trained faculties from Tamilnadu Sports University, cent percent results in state and national level examinations with multiple state and national level toppers for the last 15 years, free cultural trainings by experts helping students achieve prizes and awards in inter and intra school competitions, well maintained costume bank for cultural programs providing clean and hygienic and fashioned clothes free of cost, latest 3D theatre and movie theatres, educational audio visual learning aids, transport facilities to areas up to Mahabalipuram on one side, Thiruvanmiyur on the other, upto Medavakkam and Velachery, Perungalathur and Guduvanchery on the other all at nominal rates, lowest fee collection for both CBSE and State board classes, no donation and no capitation or other hidden fees.

M S Karthikeyan

Relocating from the US to india after 8 years and holding a 11 year old son and 6 year old daughter is not an easy task even for the riches of the rich. Afraid of the environment where NRI’s are considered to be money churning cow’s and coming from a lower middle class background, even thought of getting two kids admitted in a decent school in chennai would bring shivers. Sushil hari international residential school is NONE OF THESE, My son in 6th grade and daughter in 1st grade became part of the revolution to build the future, where growth is manyfold. Fearing from imaginary dusty roads and polluted environment in india to the reality of serene environment on a 65 acre campus, it was indeed seamless transformation from the schooling in the US to the schooling in India. Extremely affordable fees, transportation facilities, unmatched infrastructure, unbelievable results and above all the opportunity to grow 360 degrees gave us the strength and courage to relocate back without hesitation. One has to think and understand that a school in the outskirts of chennai and serving to kids from all background including un-educated parents is able to bring in such good results. Hard work is the key to success and it is extremely evident here. I am proud to stand on my decision to give my kids the best of the best education right here in india, right here at my homeland and invite everyone to explore and understand the school.

Karthik Subramanian

Studied there for 11 years and I don’t regret a bit. Feel proud to say I’m am alumni of SHIRS.

Saisree Srini

I’m so glad and thankful that I had the opportunity to do my entire schooling here! Can’t ask for anymore becauseI got it all here!!

Shankari B

This is a wonderful school. I was amazed by the infrastructure, facilities provided and teacher’s dedication and commitment in taking care of kids.

Sivaguruthan Nagarajan

Good character shaping for the children, can learn a lot apart from studies as well. Dedicated teachers & Beautiful ambience.

Shiva Karthi

The Greatest INTENTION, INVOLVEMENT, INVESTMENT, INFRASTRUCTURE, and INTERVENTION at the right time for the right students of SUSHILHARI Schools deserve all the FIVE stars.

Sashikala Giridhar

Serene atmosphere, world class facilities, large campus, 3D theatre, eco friendly.

Janaki Srinivasan