Fortunately, both our children started their school life in Sushil Hari School. Our daughter is in class 7 and our son is in class 3, Maha Maruthi Montessori Unit of Sushil Hari. We had been living in U.S. until our children were of the school-going age, and decided to return to India 6 years ago, so our children could study in Baba’s school. This is the best decision we have taken in our life. Their childhood has been amazing, all credit due to the conducive and holistic atmosphere of The RamaRajya Campus, of which Sushil Hari School is a part. I have travelled more than 30 countries as part of my education, job and vacation, but nowhere have I seen anything even close to the infrastructure, facilities and highly qualified teachers that Sushil Hari offers – truly beyond world-class!

Praveena Sreevatsan

Sushil Hari School is set in Serene surroundings and provides world class facilities to students. The infrastructure, mess facilities and staff are all wonderful and a great place to send your kids!

Swati Srinivasan

I am a alumni of Sushil Hari School and here are my honest reviews about the school. The teachers here are all talented and friendly and mainly aim to shape our values. The school not only provides quality education but also has ample extracurricular activities to choose from. School provides many opportunities for the students to excel and nurture their talents. The basics in maths and computer which I have learned from the teachers here have helped me throughout my college and my career.

Sukanya Sivakumar

SUSHILHARI SCHOOL DESERVES 5 STARS AND + FOR THE FOLLOWING REASONS: Sushilhari school runs with the intent of giving better citizens to mother India and the world, with state of the art facilities, qualified, experienced, noble faculties, headed and guided with a fragrance of spirituality. Giving best of the results, even enrolling first generation learners, without any restriction, walk in admissions, without capitation, donation or deposit, nominal fee structure for the kind of facilities and results produced with all round development of every student from whatever level they are at the point of admission. For me, this school can be proposed as a “ROLE MODEL SCHOOL”.

Shankara Krishna

One of the best School in Chennai having state of the art technologies. Trained and experience Teachers. Continuous delivery of cent percent results. All i.e. Class rooms, rest rooms, dining, hostels etc. are very well maintained clean and hygienic. Quality food given. Having a eco-friendly environment for children.

Uma Krishnamurthy

Atmosphere is good. Coaching is good. Fees are as per government fixed fees. No donations and no extra fees.

Suresh Radhakrishnan

Very well organized institution with vast variety of facilities that are open for students studying in campus. Highly qualified teachers who provide best for the student.

Puvanashelvan Chandra Segra

Though I am not a student I wish to go back to my school age. Such a lovely atmosphere & greeney place. More like hill station schools. All the staffs are very friendly helpful. I wish that my grandchildren should come and join in this school.

Uma Rajamohan

I studied in this prestigious institution for 2 years (11th & 12th Grade ). I am where I am today only because of Sushil Hari. The Principal and the Teachers give specific attention and care to every student. Especially during 12th Std., they stuffed us with the required knowledge and prepared us for the exam in the best way possible. Our portions were completed in 3 months and then we wrote tests after tests, which boosted our confidence levels and also trained us to manage time efficiently. When I fell totally sick throughout 12th Std, every teacher and admin staff took special care and helped me with the portions. My class teacher even use to drop me home ( I was in the adjacent colony ) when my parents were far away at work. If not for Sushil Hari, I can’t even dream of how I would have aced the public exams with good scores, despite my health issues. The school encourages students and brings the best out of every kid. For example, I sing songs and play keyboard & violin. The school made sure that I took part in singing competitions and also gave me the opportunity to sing at every function organised by the school. The school has not only helped me graduate with great scores, but also took so much effort in finding alternatives to pursue my dream goal – to study Medicine, and gave me this wonderful information about medical studies at Germany and now I’m here, through the effort and support of Sushil Hari and its MENTOR, in Germany, fulfilling my dream. No one could ever dream of receiving such Love & care that Sushil Hari showers, from any other school. Sushil Hari stands incomparable in every field that exists. So proud to be a Sushil Harian. My heartfelt gratitude to every single person, who has helped me through my days of struggle and for having made me what I am today.

Jeysri B

My daughter studied in Dubai till grade 2. From 3rd she is studying in this school. Now she is in 7th grade. She showed a tremendous improvement in all aspects especially in extracurricular activities. She is good in studies because of this school. She learnt Bagavad Gita, yoga , art and crafts , doodle, music , and slokas through the school without any extra fees. The contrbution of the school towards the society is more than what we think. We are proud that my daughter is studying in this esteem institution.

Arun K