The best school I have ever seen with all essentials required for a growing child. Apart from academic studies it is a store place for value education….An open arena to exhibit and excel in individual skills…

Padmini Krishna Rao

No Donation. No Deposit. Valuable & Lowest school fees per year. Middle-class people can pay the fees easily. Good Infrastructure, School surrounded with green gardens, High class – Taste & Delicious Food Court. Separate playground for Primary & High school. A Big Library. Three Audio Visual Theatre, 3D theatre & Smart class. Separate Computer labs for CBSE & Matriculation. We can make lot of list. Good School.

Karthikeyan Jeyaram

As an alumnus I’m ever grateful to the staff and excellent atmosphere at Sushil Hari, that has shaped my life to the better forever…. Not just education and overall personality development, the school prepared me total face the future confidently ….☺

Chandreshma Ganesh

As a Malaysian I was absolutely enthralled by looking at the facilities and activities provided by this school. There are only certain international schools in Malaysia which can be closely compared to this school but their tuition fees itself costs per semester approximately Rs 2.35 lakhs & almost Rs 8000 for the application fee! Besides regular studies and curriculum activities, Sushil Hari also molds students to be spiritually and culturally well versed by conducting Bhagavad Gita, yoga & meditation classes. I sensed a very good morale and discipline expressed by the students at Sushil Hari. They are surprisingly very polite compared to many other school students in Chennai. This school also provides well maintained high class hostels with toilets equipped with nappy disposal incinerators and nappy dispensers is something which everyone has to ponder upon the level of comfort and hygiene the students are acquiring; all these at a very nominal price. I also got to know that there are many volunteers working as teachers in the schools and they have obtained their PG qualification from abroad. I find them very dedicated in their portfolio. Ultimately, my wife and I have decided to enroll our child in Sushil Hari because this school aims at nurturing the future generations of India and it’s not established for commercial purpose.

Gowree Sankaran

I studied in this school from my 2nd std to my 12th std. The amount of exposure that we get from this school is amazing. The teachers are awesome as well. They make sure each and every student gets special attention. The best of the teaching methods are used by them to make studies fun and interesting. The school also gives equal amount of importance to extra-curricular activities. They train students in dance, music, dramatics and many other activities for free. We celebrate every festival at school in a grand manner with many cultural activities. The costumes for these programs are also freely provided! Also, they send us to other schools for many competitions. I am so glad that I got to study in Sushil Hari School. I couldn’t have asked for a better one! Thank you Baba, faculty of Sushil Hari and all those who made my school life awesome!

Apurupa Sai

It’s a school that focuses not only on academics but also provides lot of opportunities with world class infrastructures for free of cost to its students to bring out the best in them in various fields, thus making them an all-rounder. At the same time it also imparts wisdom to be a better human being in the society.

Gayathri Shiva

A school as a paradise. Blessed are those who gets education here. A dream school. I love this place.

Gokula Krishnan

One of the best school I have studied ever. This school made a drastic change in my academics, discipline, behavior, attitude and much more…. I was a student where I use to get single digit marks in my exams but the teachers made a great effort and made to me get 80% in my +2 examination and I was one of the subject topper in two subjects ( French and Accountancy ) . I can’t forget Sushil Hari till my last breath. Thanks to Sushil Hari School and the organization.


Ever green place to learn and educate in an ethical way. It provides all facilities with an reasonable cost. No donation and no deposits like other institutions.

Anuseeya Punitha

Amazing environment, highly qualified staff, Value based education, phenomenal facilities and above all else holistic education that grooms a student to succeed in life.

Balachander Govindaraghavan