This school represents amalgamation of World’s best educational practices with the best infrastructure, which helps below average students to become high performing all-rounders. Fee is 4-5 times less than comparable international and other upscale schools, in order to provide affordable education to students of all background. The only requirement is to be a sincere student! “Better to see something once, than to hear about it a thousand times” I strongly recommend aspiring students and their parents to visit the school to see it yourself.

Thirugnanam Mudaliar

Sushil Hari focuses and guides every child on the ethical development. As a parent I find it difficult to teach my daughter what is right from wrong?. Sushil Hari is moulding and guiding my child in a beautiful way. Secular atmosphere in Sushil Hari promotes equality and non-discrimination among the children. As parents we could only provide a 700 sq.ft house for our kids, but Sushil Hari provides my daughter with clean and green spacious environment to run around and have fun. My daughter has participated in several programmes but not a single penny has been collected from us for the costumes. The school has a well maintained costume bank and they provide the costumes free of cost. Palatial buildings, auditoriums, play grounds, 3D theatre, library and AV theatre facilities in Sushil Hari is making me feel proud that my daughter is studying in a world class school. I would like to sincerely thank Baba for his noble gesture in providing world class education at an affordable cost.

Rajeshwari CS

Sushil Hari School is very unique in nature. Students here are encouraged to take part co-curricular activities. Not only in Sports but also in Art and Music. They are encouraged to learn new things every day! Sushil Hari does not take any donation & the school fees is also very less.

Sowmya Srinivasan

There are over 100 great reviews about the school on Google. There’s really nothing new I could add that haven’t been told by other beneficiaries. But, as one of the biggest beneficiaries, it wouldn’t be fair on my part to not tell the world how great this school is. The school apart from having brilliant infrastructure, intentions, teaching methodologies and staffs who have decades of professional on-field experiences also exposes the students to various choices, academic-wise and extra-curricular wise… The ambience is such that the students develop healthy competitions among themselves in learning myriad arts and they’ll have innumerous platforms to exhibit and hone their interests and talents… By the time the student comes out of the school, he/she will not just be intelligent, but creatively intelligent too. He/she going forward might not be able to settle to normality / being average. So, Sushil Hari gives its students ambition, a need to be different, perseverance, and a penchant to succeed. The school churns out an army of students every year that are progressive in all aspects and original in their thoughts. Take that as a promise from an alumnus who has nothing but gratitude to the institution that literally sculpted him out into a well-made human being, from nothing…

Sudharshan Giridhar

Both as an ex-teacher of this institution and as an outsider visiting this campus, I must say that it is very heartening to see the children here shaping up as beautifully as they grow into well-rounded individuals. With their feet firmly grounded and their eyes set on reaching skies, they are fully equipped and ready to face the world with confidence and fortitude. Three cheers to the mentor and the entire team for their relentless service to the society!!!!!!!

Neeraja Jayaram

Probably one of the best schools in the city. Set amongst a very unique environment right within the nature, with large grounds for children to play and be themselves. Sushil Hari aims at a very holistic education rather than just marks. If one is willing, the school offers multiple choices of extra circular activities ranging from dance, yoga, vedas, arts, sports and music. Ex-students from this school have gone on to take good positions in MNCs/leading hospitals and are a testament to what is the true focus for the school. For those looking for yet another school to just skimp through marks, this may not be ideal but if one is looking your child to come out as a well-rounded individual, this is the school that you should send them.

Srinivasan Ramanathan

The best school ever, which cannot be even compared with the other schools. Sushil Hari has its own standards and methods in upbringing the kids. My both the kids studied here and are very well mannered and equipped with adequate knowledge and discipline. Sincere and heartfelt thanks to the school authorities and the organization.

Rupaa Raja

Sushil Hari School provides Value based education. Teachers take more care and spend extra time with the weak students and make them understand the subject and score good marks. Beautiful environment. The school and the environment are obviously experienced and more schools needed like this.


Am thankful to the school for what my daughter is today. She had health issues during her +2. The teachers were very helpful and saw to it that she coped up with her studies and made her come out with flying colors. I appreciate the kind of personal rapport that every teacher has with every single student in the school.

Suba Badri

One of the best schools in the city with highly qualified teachers, lab assistants & the correspondent who provide quality education to students. Founder Moto of the institution is for rural development and creating healthy minds who is going to be the future of this society. No donations, low fees, high amount of fund created for scholarship for merit oriented students, bigger and healthy campus, hygienic foods served in the canteen deserves more than five star for Sushil Hari School. I sincerely thank the founders/teachers for selfless service to create right citizen for this country.

Kandan K