Sushil Hari has grown leaps and bounds in the last decade. My spouse (she was a teacher at the school for 5 years before we moved abroad) and I have seen this school grow from a few hundred students to about four thousand students. In spite of this massive growth, the quality of students produced by the school is always on the rise. The results produced are amazing and is a strong testament to the excellence of teachers at the school. The school boasts of modern facilities and the infrastructure is to be really appreciated. Another aspect that deserves strong mention is the “No Donation” policy. It is followed very strictly irrespective of religion, caste, gender, financial background, etc. Hats off to Sushil Hari for following what others just preach.

Bharadwaj Raghuram

This is the best school. All are working sincerely, honestly, selflessly for the children. Beautiful atmosphere. Having latest facilities and maintained cleanly. After seeing the best result, best atmosphere, best caring for the students in all aspects, I am having the feeling that I too wanted to study in this school which is not possible because of my age. So I want to be in touch with the school in some way or the other by doing some service. I really proud to be associated with the school forever and no one should miss this opportunity.

Lalitha Swaminathan

The most awaited dream of parents and children were fulfilled by this school. To the society that looks for one good educational institution that never taxes parents under different form of fee , the School that takes very less fee but gives lots of facilities including 3D theatre , the auditorium with huge seating capacity of around 5000 that cannot be even found in central government institutions, the world class library with lot number of books, state of the art buildings with labs ; most importantly the extra-curricular activities were provided free of cost; Above all this is the One and Only school that admits average and below average students and makes them to score high scores. THE TRACK OF PAST 13 YEARS CENT PERCENTAGE RECORD WITH SCHOOL AVERAGE OF MORE THAN 90% IS ITSELF PROOF. U CANNOT see any such SCHOOL in whole India which runs for noble cause without compromising quality at terms of its infrastructure , teachers, administration and students.

PUBLIC THAT WERE RUINED BY SCHOOLS WITH MONEY ONLY OBJECTIVE should use the available opportunity to educate their children at this SCHOOL which gives u back the most responsible knowledge and perfect citizens.

Manivel Panneerselvam

My ward studied in this school since inception. We, as parents, never faced any problem with the school or with her studies. She scored 99% in Secondary education and 87% in Higher Secondary. All of this was possible because of the care and the extra time / attention provided by the teachers. I found the teachers to be very friendly, accommodative and supportive. Never have we been in the rat race called tuition. For the extra coaching provided by the school during board exams, we never paid any extra fees. The school participates in all the popular inter school competitions and bags over 80% of the trophies. I am very glad and thankful to Sushil Hari School for providing my ward with such great exposure.

Badri Desikan

This school has been the hand that shaped me into the person I am today. Having studied in the school from the beginning, I stand now to testify how supportive, caring and encouraging the school is. The school has given me just the right amount of exposure, rational, reasonable, and solution oriented thinking and a good dose of morale, for me to face the outside world competition with my shoulders squared. Both the teaching and non-teaching staff have seen me through the tough times I faced when I had health issues during my final years of schooling. Though I’ve never studied in another school, I’ve heard enough complaints and grievances about other schools that I’ve not faced here at any point of time. This in itself suffices to say that this is the best school that any ward can study in. Joining Sushil Hari will result in two things: 1.Gaining a family 2.Losing nothing.

Dikshita Badri

If you want your child to grow academically, mold them to be a more rounded personality, look no further. School administration and teachers are very dedicated and work for the well-being of the child. I have known a bunch of kids who graduated from this school who are successful in their career and life in general. Please go to the school, meet the staff, current students and if possible the alumni and then you will know what a great institution this is.

Subhashini Ramasubramanian

I am an alumni of Sushil Hari School (2008 to 2013) and my sister is studying from 2009. After joining this school and putting my sister here my parent’s had no turning back or rethinking about our academics. The environment is so calming and gives good vibes. The management doesn’t charge any donation or hidden charges of any kind. And nowhere would you find a CBSE school in this fee structure with a huge infrastructure. There are so many activities and events that keep happening in the school for which there have been no extra charges of whatsoever nature. I am a proud alumni of this school and thank the teachers and management who extend their warmth and support till date! There is nowhere such a service minded school to be found.

Harini Sridharan

One of the best schools one could choose for their kids .Teachers are so dedicated and committed .Ample opportunities are provided for the students to develop their talents. The school provides free cultural training for the kids by experts. The transport facilities are also good and the school has high class hostel facility. The school has serene and eco-friendly atmosphere. With all the world class facilities that the school provides, the school does not ask for any donation or capitation fee.

Raghavi Balasubramanian

Me along with my family, currently reside in the USA. We want to raise our kids in India and provide them the best education. Having an International school like Sushil Hari simplifies our school hunt. We visited many schools in the vicinity and we were very much impressed only with Sushil Hari. The facilities and environment of this school is amazing. Few of my friend’s kids who moved from the USA to India, study in this school and are very happy with the school and the care provided by the teachers.

Suganya R

One of the best school in the city. My sister son Vignesh has studied here and it has really shaped up his career. True testimony of the school is the way kids behave & their positive attitude to face any challenges are the outcome of how the school has nurtured their students. Thanks to the founder, faculty & entire school team for providing high quality education and kindling right thoughts. School continue to provide 100% results year on year; special coaching and training provided by teachers to students require support. I live in Chennai city, i bet you will never get quality education / hostel facility at this cost; added to it, merit students are provided with scholarship. Now my sister son is studying engineering and excelling in his specialization, Thanks a Million to Sushil Hari for the foundation.

Kavitha Kandan