Our school motivates us a lot. From Day 1, it is our Baba’s encouragement and the encouragement of all the teachers which is helping us to study well. Even though we make silly mistakes, they do not scold us. Instead they encourage us to do well. This boosts us to perform better. Teaching part is really excellent. Everyday after we complete our classes during the day, we write a snap test from 4 pm to 5 pm, in whatever we have studied on that day. This helps the teacher to understand how much attention we have paid in the class when they teach us. After completing our portions in three months, we had three hour tests every day. The teachers have real patience to conduct tests every day and correct it and guide us to know what all mistakes we have done. This helps us to perform well in our public exams. The tests will be in the public pattern. Whenever we have any problem, we can go to the teachers. They are always available. Study hours help us a lot. In the morning session, teachers sit with us and help us. Since Baba wants us to do even better than we are, he calls different teachers who had been working in different colleges like Gomathi Madam who teaches Economics. She coaches us every Sunday as how to attend the exam. She is guiding us to give better performance in the exams. In each and every aspect, the teachers, their encouragements are superb. Even when our interest dwindles in any subject, they make it very interesting. We are writing French exams in the board pattern. I am the only student in Business Maths in this batch. Ganesh sir takes lot of care in teaching me.

Prathyusha M (Class of 2008)

Dearest Baba

With Your grace and with it alone I have done Commerce Exam extremely well or rather you had done it. It was really miraculous. I did not know two one-word answers. There was no possibility that I know them. It was taken from some corners of the book certainly unexpected. I just prayed for a second. Some answer came to my mind which wasn’t familiar. I did not analyse.

I just wrote and they were absolutely correct. Purely a miracle. Since the first exams (French) this has been happening. Thank You so much. I have written for 200 marks to my knowledge and the answers in the books all are correct. The paper was very lengthy. I do not have good speed in writing. But I did not know how I completed before ten minutes. Once again, because of You. You are very much within me.

How true it is that You are also in the form of knowledge in everybody. I truly experienced it. Still I wonder how I completed the paper. I held the pen and started writing nonstop; how was it possible!! The answers ran through 35 – 40 pages. You made it possible, thank you so much.

All success and happiness are attributed to You.


Keerthi Ch (Class of 2008)

“I am seeing a lot of changes in Ganesh after he joined SushilHari school. He has improved a lot in his studies and in his interpersonal relationships. I thank the SushilHari school and management. He told me the teachers are very supportive of his studies and he wants to continue his studies there only. I am very happy with his marks. One year at SushilHari has turned him into a vegetarian. He does not want to take any non-vegetarian food and this is what we had long wanted. He has become quiet and well-behaved.”

S. Sasikala (Mother of Ganesh)

“My daughter Dikshita has developed a good personality and has become more intelligent. There is total development in my child. The culture and spiritual knowledge which SushilHari School is imparting is very good. We believe that our daughter will be a complete and prepared individual, ready to take on the challenges of life, and this is being achieved with the help and support of a very responsive and quality oriented school: SushilHari International school. My daughter’s future is secure. Thanks to SushilHari School and Baba for providing us this golden opportunity.”

D. BadriNarayanan, Chennai (Father of Dikshita)