Teaching Methodology

Life Lessons

In addition to teaching the students the regular course material, we at this school attempt to instill in the students the techniques and knowledge necessary for daily life. For instance thePTA teachers have taken the students to the vegetable market in order to teach them how to select vegetables based on their freshness, maturity and price. Other excursions such as these were to the post office to learn about the shipment process and the bank to learn how to fill up the necessary paperwork for transactions. In addition to these, the students learn about traffic safety through the various signs posted around the campus and by listening to lectures from fire and police department personnel.


For the higher level classes (VI – XII), we have implemented e-Learning, which is a computer based teaching tool. CD’s and DVD’s are available in the library in order to teach English, Biology and other subjects. Ways of teaching include: documentaries, games, and demonstrations in the form of tutorials. Gradually we are expanding our e-Learning library to include other subjects such as chemistry and physics. Other than e-Learning disks, the library also houses many CD’s that can help students with their subjects through interactive games and labs. Things they can learn through these disks include: human body, solar system, food chain, green house effect, cloud formation, nuclear reactors etc.

Innovative Teaching

Instead of teaching straight from the book as many teachers and schools do, our teachers find new ways to make learning more interactive and fun so that students will not only learn the material but have fun in the process. One such method is making puppets that walk, talk and teach the students various topics. To learn spelling, the 1st grade teacher, Archana, makes her kids play a game using a flip chart so that they can increase their vocabulary and have fun at the same time. In order to reinforce the English teaching, tapes of the Panchatantra are played for grades 1, 2 and 3 along with interactive, animated CD’s in our own A/V Theater. And to improve on language, the students are actively encouraged to put on plays and act out scenes to not only learn the Nondetail material but also to improve their public speaking skills. Models, charts and cards are made to teach mathematics and sciences so that the students can learn through visual aids rather than just words on a page. This appeals to each student’s distinct learning method because at Sushil Hari we realize that not every student learns the same way.

Guest Lectures

Experts in every field are brought to the school to hold lectures and workshops for the students. These experts teach the students what is offered to them in each field and explain to them what is necessary to become successful in a certain field. Previous lectures have been from: accountants, agricultural specialists, computer and mechanical engineers, marine scientists etc. This brings an outside perspective and allows the students to become enthusiastic in certain subject areas so that they can begin to cultivate their curiosity. In addition to guest lectures, many career camps and fairs are held to give guidance to those wanting to pursue a career in a particular field after grade XII.


Regular afterschool tutoring is available for students who wish to go over the material learned that day in class. This is conducted free of charge by both teachers and volunteers alike.