Dear Baba,

I am A Rahul of XII CBSE. I got to know the result of my final exam day before yesterday. I got 480/500. I was overloaded with joy after seeing my result. My eyes were almost filled with tears of happiness.

Before joining Sushil Hari in XI, I studied in a Central Government residential school as my mother worked there. It was in one of the most backward districts of Karnataka, isolated from all the cities. I never had a good exposure to people in cities like Chennai. On my first day at Sushil Hari, I was really scared. I had never seen a school with such great infrastructure before. All my classmates had lived in Chennai or other big cities. I felt inferior. Throughout my XI, I was not really that good at studies. In fact, I struggled to pass in Physics and Chemistry. Just a month after joining Sushil Hari, I left the hostel and started travelling from my house in Tambaram as I felt really alone. I missed my parents and I was severely homesick. The travel via government bus actually added a huge weight to my already existing difficulties. I had never done anything like that before. I was under huge stress and eventually, I started suffering from chronic insomnia. I started sleeping in the bus while travelling and many a times I even missed my stopping. I was pretty much always late to school because of one reason or other. I even slept during classes sometimes. There were times when I felt like I was about to fall unconscious in the bus. I was constantly falling behind my classmates even after many efforts. As a result, I closed myself & stopped talking to my classmates. I spent many sleepless nights crying and worrying about my studies. Even today, I don’t really know how I was able to pass in XI.

My XII would have pretty much been the same if it weren’t for my teachers. I used to struggle for passing in Chemistry. Chandraprabha ma’am helped me a lot through her extra classes after school. I was able to catch-up with my classmates and score 95 in chemistry because of her. Praveena ma’am motivated me to put in more efforts and she helped me to open up with my classmates. My friends gladly accepted me. I found out that I and my friends were much the same. I will forever cherish my memories of Thekkady trip with them. In fact, I became so close to my friends that we ended up damaging a tube light while playing in the class (we are really sorry for that)! Gayathri ma’am, Chakrapani sir, and Karuna ma’am also helped me a lot when I was in XI.  GP sir and Raman sir are hands down the coolest and my most favourite teachers. They were really kind to me, and they passionately answered all my doubts no matter how silly they were.

Baba, because of you and my family at Sushil Hari, I was able to experience the most significant two years of my life. My family at Sushil Hari made me realise that I am just as capable as others. With blessings from you and my teachers, I know that I will succeed no matter where I go. I am a Sushil Harian after all!