Beloved Baba,

I am Priyanka of class 12th 2019-2020 batch. Our school has been ranked No. 1 at State Level and No. 2 at National Level. I feel really blessed that I studied in Sushil Hari . My day began with this Blissful message which was conveyed to me by GP sir and Praveena ma’am. I am very happy to the core that we students of 12th CBSE were part of this achievement.

It’s all because of your unconditional love and care for us Baba. Our teachers always deserve a special mention in our lives. I would like to thank GP sir, Praveena ma’am, Chandraprabha ma’am, Lakshmi ma’am, Raman Sir, Banumathi ma’am, Chakrapani sir, Gayathri ma’am and also the other teachers of Sushil Hari who shape Sushil Hari better and better.

You gave us lot of opportunities to study and have fun. One among them is Thekkady study tour. It was organised in a very nice manner. Vidya ma’am and Raman Sir were the best part of this memorable tour. We got time to interact and understand our 12th state board friends. We ate a lot of snacks and enjoyed every second of the tour. I should also mention the toughest part of this the journey. We had exams there. But during study hours we were able to concentrate and study. Rest of the time we did things to recreate. We also had camp fire. Thank you Baba for the trust you had on us and providing such a big opportunity to create memories. We Sushil Harians will leave a sparkle wherever we go with your blessings.

Yours truly,

Priyanka B N