From Hemavarshini (Class XII – 2020 batch)

Dear Baba,

                     I’m Hemavarshini.K, Sushil Hari student of 2019-2020 batch, CBSE. Our school has ranked No 1 in the National Level Higher Secondary Examination this year. I’m so glad to hear this news. I’m so proud to be a student of Sushilhari. Thank you so much baba.

Your weekly hugs, funny and cute jokes that you share were awesome. You gave us all the freedom and space you can. I feel so happy when you come near me to give chocolates or fruits or hugs or taps on my shoulder. I don’t know what attracted me towards you. You are not my mother or father or relative. But the surprise is I love you more than anyone in this world. Thank you for your love and care. I will never let go of you.

As a person we must excel in both education and good qualities. Education is something which we can get in any school. But good qualities are very special. I’m going to share with you the best qualities I have learnt from my teachers. I studied in our school from fourth standard. I’m willing to share about my 11th and 12th teachers.

11th teachers:

Gayathri Ma’am: She was my math teacher. Her classes are extraordinary. Her words will be very crisp and clear. I admire her leadership quality and fastness to approach any situation. She has shared very little about her past life. But that was enough for me to understand that a person can come up from an empty hand. I started loving math to teach than to study from her classes.

Chakrapani Sir: He was my physics sir. He always encourages and entertains us. He gathers information from every side and teaches it in a meaningful way. His examples to remember the concepts will be amazing. His classes will be filled with fun and noise. We enjoy attending his class and learning physics. He enjoys our little teasings among us. He is very sportive and forward minded.

11th and 12th teachers:

Lakshmi Ma’am: She was my biology teacher. She is a very sweet mam. She loves biology and teaches with utmost interest. She always motivates us. She expects 100% from all of us. This expectation makes us aim and achieve higher. She prepares a lot and takes many notes to teach us. I learnt note making as a habit from her. She makes us happy and love her subject.

Chandraprabha Ma’am: She was my chemistry teacher. More than learning chemistry, she moulds us to lead a peaceful and meaningful life. We learn at least one good habit from her each day. I’m not very much interested in chemistry but her interest in it is very high. So, as energy flows from higher level to lower level, her interest was shared with us. Nobody else could explain those concepts much better than her. She feeds us good habits and chemistry. I will be eager to learn something new each day from her. Being with her expands our brain.

GP Sir: He was my physics and math teacher. The best quality that a person needs is patience. We can learn it from him. He clears all types of doubts. He is an awesome teacher, person and soul. He shares many funny jokes with us. He connects some of the concepts of physics with movies. He always wants us to be engaged in some useful work. I admire his dedication towards any work he does. GP Sir is the best example of being perfect and super awesome.

Praveena Ma’am: She is my English teacher and class teacher. She is so kind and honest. She cares all of us like her own children during school days. She gave us all the freedom. She always has a positive and energetic smile on her face. Her words will be so touching. She is very responsible and dedicated. She makes us feel comfortable.

Thank you for giving such wonderful teachers Baba.