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February 2017 – Magazine

Living Science Loving Science

Food for Thought!

The classroom is very aromatic today!  Guess why?  M3 Elementary students are engrossed in categorizing and labelling food into cereals, pulses, spices, beverages and fibres.

A breezy day!

Learning at M3 is just a breeze!  Elementary students identify leaves belonging to different types of plants – trees, shrubs and herbs. Learning intensifies as students analyze medicinal leaves, herbs and their healing effects.

Learning without uprooting – Tap or Fibrous!

How can you tell what type of root a plant has without uprooting it?  M3 Elementary students learn to analyze leaves and seeds of plants in order to determine whether a plant has a tap or fibrous root system by observing whether its seed is monocot or dicot and whether its leaves have parallel or reticulate venation.

Flowery Parts!

Isn’t learning fun when working with your favourites?  M3 Elementary students analyze and label the parts of their favourite flower.  Students complete their activity by labelling the upper and lower side of their favourite flower’s leaf!

Dignity of labour!

M3 Elementary students come dressed in 33 different Community Helper roles – from scavenger to doctor and give a pep talk on the importance of each of their contributions to the society and what the community could do to support them in their role.

Wild or Tame, we care just the same!

M3 Elementary students sort and categorize a collection of animals based on their habitat and eating habits as Wild or Tame and then into herbivores, carnivores and omnivores.

Congratulations to Winners of Colours International Inter School Competition from M3

Name Category Class Prize
Raghav J Spell Bee III III
Shree Magathi Fireless Cooking IV I
Sivaraman S Fireless Cooking V II
Sai Venkat Origami III II
Darshana J Origami V III
Prahlad G Crossword IV I
Sathya S Crossword II III


Today a reader, tomorrow a leader!

 Books for the Month:

 We are in a Book! by

  1. Mo Willems – Ages 4 – 7
  2. The hungry caterpillar by Eric Carle – Ages 4 – 7
  3. Walt Disney’s Peter Pan – Ages 7+