Maha Maruthi Montessori

A Unit of Sushil Hari International School

December 2016 – Magazine

Class: Kindergarten

Yours Naturally!

Students of Upper Kindergarten created models of natural habitats of a variety of animals and birds depicting forest life, farms, deserts, arctic zones and their inhabitants. They observed that their favorite dinosaur is now extinct.

Class: Lower Elementary

Earth in our hands!

Students created a 3-D earth model using clay.  The Outer surface of the model depicted the oceans and continents. Students cut their model into half to illustrate the 4 main layers of our earth – crust, mantle, outer and inner core.

Class: Middle & Upper Elementary

‘Go’ ing to the ‘Go’ shaala!

Students fed cows at the campus “Goshala”. Students were able to practically observe the structure of a herbivore’s teeth and its food habits. Students enjoyed petting the animals and they reciprocated with a ‘moo’ and nod with grateful eyes. Students gave special care to their ‘Bhoom, Bhoom Bhoomi’, the bull that takes them on bullock cart rides.

Class: Middle & Upper Elementary

Truly Fruity!

Students made their own delicious fruit salad at school. Students practiced hygiene and neatness while working as team in cutting fruit and relished a bowl full of fruit salad at the end of the activity. Students gained knowledge on the nutritional value of 12 varieties of fruit and analyzed which fruits were rich in which type of vitamins and minerals.

Language Day – Celebrating our food, our country!

Students dressed up in traditional South Indian costumes and spoke on health benefits of traditional food such as pearl, finger and kodo millets, sesame, gram sprouts and spinach. Students relished a bite of 11 varieties of traditional food prepared by their teacher. Students enacted “Bharat Mata Ka Aahwan”, a Hindi play on Mother India. They truly expressed the call of Mother India “Wake up! Work, work and work with all the potential to improve the pride of India”.

Co-Curricular Activities

Pawn or Potential Queen

Elementary students are learning chess as a part of co-curricular activity program.  Students are now conversant with the game set-up and movement of king, queen, knight, bishop and pawns and are excited to learn special moves such as Castling, en passant and Promotion. Every game ends with a polite note “Thank you for playing chess with me”.

Today a reader, tomorrow a leader!

 Books for the Month:

  1. Seuss books – Ages 4 – 7
  2. The Best of Tenali Raman by Rungeen Singh – Ages 7+