Maha Maruthi Montessori

A Unit of Sushil Hari International School

August 2017 – Magazine

Students enjoy learning science through hands on activities, nature walk and video learning. Our approach at M3 is to kindle curiosity for science learning by facilitating exploratory learning. This issue highlights some of the science topics children learnt as part of the curriculum.

Class 1: Living Science – Loving Science!

School gardens are a wonderful way for students to learn science. Children of class 1 enjoyed walking through the garden to learn and differentiate trees, shrubs, climbers and herbs.

Class 2: Rotate vs Revolve!

Children learnt the concept of rotation and revolution of earth around the sun through drawing and colouring activity. They understood that rotation of the Earth causes day and night while its revolution around the sun causes four seasons namely summer, winter, autumn and spring.

Class 3: All about feathers!

As a part of learning life science chapter on birds and their parts, students enjoyed collecting fallen feathers of birds. They understood the size difference and function of three feather types: flight, body and down feathers by observing and feeling the texture of feathers.

Class 4: Simple vs Compound!

Children learnt the structure of simple and compound leaves through a creative collage activity.

They learnt the parts of leaf, their size – shape variation and functions through this activity.

Class 5: Yummy in my Tummy!

Students made a healthy sandwich as part of the group activity in the class using bread, cheese and healthy vegetables such as carrots, cucumbers, onion, tomatoes, cabbage, sweet corn etc. Students learnt types of vitamins such as A, B, C, D, E, K and minerals that are present in the vegetables. This group activity definitely brought awareness of healthy eating among the children.

Today a reader, tomorrow a leader!

Reading out loud to children is one of the best activities to stimulate language development, curiosity and memory. We encourage parents to nurture the habit of reading in their children. Below are some books to start:

  1. Ladybird: The Emperor’s New Clothes by Marina Le Ray – Ages 2 – 4
  2. Ladybird Classics: Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift and Ciaran Duffy – Ages 5 – 8
  3. Om Books: Timeless tales from Panchatantra – Ages 6 – 8
  4. The Whistling Schoolboy and Other Stories of School Life by Ruskin Bond – 9+