Maha Maruthi Montessori

A Unit of Sushil Hari International School

November 2016 – Magazine

Class: Lower Kindergarten

We love Red!

Children celebrated their ‘Red Day’ by dressing up in red and giving a pep talk about their favourite red fruit and toy. The day ended with a red finger printing activity and red action song with music and movement.

Class: Upper Kindergarten

Early Readers!

Reading is an important milestone in a child’s development. Children in upper kindergarten are beginning to develop this skill through phonics. They are gaining proficiency in the sounds of each alphabet and blending the sounds to form words. Our approach eliminates the need to memorize spelling of words, making reading a more joyful experience.

Class: Lower Elementary

Yummy in my Tummy!

Students of lower elementary enjoyed learning the phases of the moon using oreo cookies. Oreo cookies turn into moon shadows easily by scraping off the middle cream with the spoon. Children arranged the phases of the moon in proper sequence. To reinforce their understanding, children are documenting the phases of the moon by watching the night sky.

Class: Middle Elementary

Big or small, we love them all!

Bhoomi, a bull from our own barn, delighted the students with an exciting bullock cart ride around the campus, in order to enable students to experience the uses of domestic animals.

Class: Upper Elementary

Exploring Asia

Upper elementary children have been immersed in the study of continent Asia. Children enjoyed pin pricking individual countries of Asia, assembled and glued to make their map. Pin pricking the countries have helped children reinforce the shapes of countries in their mind while also building fine motor skills. Children learnt various regions of Asia such as south, central, south east and south west along with their capitals, currencies and languages of Asian countries. They enjoyed knowing key facts and occupation of some Asian countries through a video walk-through session.  Our study of geography has gained more interest with a 3D global puzzle activity. The study on Asia will be concluded this month with introduction to key physical features and major landmarks of Asia.

Learning Language is fun!

Learning language is made a joyful experience through picture activity, speaking, singing and creative writing. Students learnt the moral that trash like banana skin should be thrown only in dustbin through the Bandar mama song. Children love to draw and colour and name different objects in Hindi. Children have learnt the ill effects of plastics and have written their own essay in Tamil on how to minimize plastics in everyday life.

Today a reader, tomorrow a leader!

Reading out loud to children is one of the best activities to stimulate language development, curiosity and memory. We encourage parents to nurture the habit of reading in their children. Below are some books to start:

  1. Bedtime Stories: Old owl folktales by Alice Cussler – Age 4-8
  2. Great Stories for Children by Ruskin Bond
  3. Swami and friends by R.K. Narayan
  4. The Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum