• No Donation

    We do not accept any donation to admit your child in our school.

  • No Discrimination

    Selection based purely on merit. No discrimination of caste, creed, religion, gender etc.

  • Discipline

    Discipline through love not by coercion

  • Posh Environment

    Ideal setting for learning, full of lush green landscape free of pollution.

  • No Deposit

    We do not accept deposit in any form to get admission.

  • World Class Education

    Quality infrastructure, well trained teachers, modern facilities and resources provides you world class education.

  • Singularly Focused On Your Child

    Close-knit team of accomplished faculty members imbued with a firm commitment to further the education of the students.

  • Residential School

    Separate hostels for boys and girls with canteen, laundry, exclusive study spaces and beautiful parks and play areas.


  • Our recent visit to Sree RamaRajya was very memorable. We are grateful to you for taking care of us. The worship at the temple was very peaceful. We visited your new additions to your complex. We saw the new school, Huge and awesome auditorium with great seating arrangement. Recently my grand daughter showed us the Carleton university complex in Ottawa, Canada. Even there we
    didn’t see such a big auditorium.

    We were very impressed with the most modern toilets in the school and they are very well maintained. We saw the Planetarium. The whole complex very clean and well laid out. The guest rooms are spic and span.

    Dr. Bhaskaran R, Leading Paediatrician,
  • Dear Baba,

    I hope this letter finds you in good health.At the risk of sounding bold ,I kindly request you to spare a few minutes of your time and indulge me in telling you a life experience .

    Around the year 2004 there was a middle class couple in chennai who were going through some severe financial difficulties and as a result the education of their twin sons came to a stop.These boys were good in academics and this was about the only thing they had going for them as their parents could not afford to enroll them in other miscellaneous activities that only children can actively engage in and so these boys came to believe (and they still do) that education was their sole means towards a better future for their family.The children being only 11 years of age were not aware of the hardships faced by their parents and were surprised to learn one day that they would be in a different school the next year. The parents were completely lost as many schools these days charge as much fee as any college or university does.Just then they came to know from their relatives of a certain, shall we say philosopher, who in addition to giving spiritual guidance to people ,also actively engaged in philanthropy.This person had started a school and it was there that these two boys continued their education to 7th standard.This school along with academics, imbibed in the two young boys a sense of responsibility and even though they studied there only for a year they made a couple lifelong friends.The boys, now young men never forgot this wonderful place and are now ever grateful to the man who aided them in their time of need.The parents needless to say did their best to provide for their children and are now proud parents of a Doctor and a Scientist(in training of course).

    I am Shivashankar.R ,the scientist and younger brother to Dr.R.Gowrishankar.

    Now, even after so many years have passed we remain eternally grateful for the valuable life lessons we learned that year.You may find it hard to remember us but I cannot refrain from tendering to you the consolation which may be found in knowing that there are those who do not forget kindness done in the time of need.

    I have secured an admission in Georgetown University for M.S in Tumor Biology for the fall 2014 term and my brother has just started his residency..

    We humbly ask you to bestow your blessing upon us so that we may continue this journey and succeed in our endeavors.

    We pray that the Lord watches over us and protects us always.

    I thank you for your time .

    Have a nice day.


    Ravi Shivashankar
  • My hearty congratulations to the School for having  carefully chosen, planned and staged the cultural programmes on the occasion of the Independence Day. I am very confident that due to existence of institutions like yours, which strive to preserve the heritage of our country,  our rich culture will continue to thrive for years to come.

    Mr. Ila Ganesan, National Council Member, BJP
  • I must thank Mr Ramana the C.E.O of Kanchi for selecting this holy place for our two days workshop. We had peaceful days to complete our task of preparing the project report on Universalisation of Secondary Education scheme for Tamil Nadu State.

    Dr. Perumalsamy, Former Director of School Education
  • My admiration for the service rendered by this family members is worth recording. My prayers for the excellence of this institution.

    S. Karmegam, Former Joint Director of Matriculation Schools
  • The serene atmosphere, devotional service, concern and kindness exhibited by the teachers and students, the hospitality extended by the staff have to be immensely appreciated. The discipline is excellent.

    I congratulate the young students and I extend my sincere good wishes for their bright prosperous future. I offer my respectful regards as greetings to Siva Shankar Babaji. Long live and many more laurels to come for the school.

    Smt Vijayalakshmi, Former CEO, Tiruvellore
  • I invoke the blessings of God for the multifarious activities of this institution.

    K. Ramanujam, Former Joint Director
  • Peaceful and wonderful. I found the Almighty in the teacher’s selfless service.

    Mr. S. Kumaraswamy, IPS
  • It will be a reputed International School in Tamil Nadu state.

    Sri. S. Paramasivam, Former Director School Education Department
  • This is a school with a difference. The facilities here are not only abundant and sufficient, but it is something to be seen and then appreciated.

    (Late)Mr. A.S. Ram Kalia, Director, D.A.V Group of Schools, Chennai.
  • The children are lucky to study in this School. You are getting educated here under the noble guidance of a great philosopher and Saint Sri Siva Shankar Baba.

    Mr. N. Nagaraju, Former Director Academics, CBSE
  • I am impressed with the high-tech Education. This place will be the pace setter and the trend setter for the whole world and everybody will be looking up for this institution.

    Mrs. Premdhulari, Former Principal, The Hindu Senior Secondary School