• No Donation

    We do not accept any donation to admit your child in our school.

  • No Discrimination

    Selection based purely on merit. No discrimination of caste, creed, religion, gender etc.

  • Discipline

    Discipline through love not by coercion

  • Posh Environment

    Ideal setting for learning, full of lush green landscape free of pollution.

  • No Deposit

    We do not accept deposit in any form to get admission.

  • World Class Education

    Quality infrastructure, well trained teachers, modern facilities and resources provides you world class education.

  • Singularly Focused On Your Child

    Close-knit team of accomplished faculty members imbued with a firm commitment to further the education of the students.

  • Residential School

    Separate hostels for boys and girls with canteen, laundry, exclusive study spaces and beautiful parks and play areas.


  • Education is no longer endless nights, learning by rote meaningless paragraphs in an outdated syllabus. Education tomorrow will create an environment of academic freedom, where bright minds meet, discover and learn for themselves.

    And it is all happening in SushilHari! Right now! Right here! SushilHari educates students from all over India, including those from the local and rural areas, and from other countries, so that they become enlightened individuals, improving the living standards of their families and society. They provide individual attention, world-class quality education and take care of character building. Students from a wide variety of social and cultural backgrounds live and study together in harmony at SushilHari and they develop the personality required by the global industry. The cosmopolitan environment is filled with opportunity, to learn and understand other cultures and languages.

    SushilHari has assembled some of the best faculty, equipped with outstanding laboratories and teaching aids and it doesn’t just stop at guidance either. Facilities and resources abound on SushilHari’s lavish campus. SushilHari has the stability of government organizations and the flexibility of private organizations.

    Library is a storehouse of knowledge. Besides the large number of books, encyclopedias, and reference materials on variety of topics, the library also subscribes to national and international journals. Students can take time out from rigorous training and keep fit by taking advantage of the well-equipped gymnasium or through yoga, Swimming to relieve stress or a ride on the horse are the popular activities.

    SushilHari is a revolutionary residential school where students feel at home. All these cannot be achieved in any other institution but only in Sushil Hari because of the divine presence of Siddha Yogi Sri Shiva Shankar Baba.


    Yuvashree M.U.(Class of 2008)
  • Especially in 12th standard, at the beginning of the year, we have the system of completing the portion within three months. In three months time we have all our portions done. With completion of portions, we have one hour tests in whatever we have learnt. Every day we will do a subject. At the end of the whole week, we would have covered all the subjects including languages. In this way, you can easily cope up with the daily studies. As they make us write hundreds of exams, we gain more confidence when we go to the public exam.

    The whole portion is divided into 5 parts, 20%, each. In that 20% all kinds of questions will be asked and at the end of it, we will be thorough with all the portions. Then we have full portions tests for three hours. As soon as we finish this, we were given CDs in which different teachers from different states had spoken at length on each subject. If we cannot understand anything, we can play the CDs and crosscheck with it. GP Sir, Sarah Madam are there to clarify our doubts any time we want.

    Now as we have completed all the portions, we have study hours from morning 5 to 8 and then we have breakfast. Then again study hours from 8.30 till lunch. Then again after lunch break till 4pm. Again from 5.30 pm till 9.30 in the night. This is the schedule now for us. Daily we have one hour tests in three subjects including one language.

    It is not only the confidence we get, but our speed also increases. I am sure we will be able to give back whatever the school has given us.

    Aradhana Yoganand (Class of 2008)
  • Our school motivates us a lot. From Day 1, it is our Baba’s encouragement and the encouragement of all the teachers which is helping us to study well. Even though we make silly mistakes, they do not scold us. Instead they encourage us to do well. This boosts us to perform better. Teaching part is really excellent. Everyday after we complete our classes during the day, we write a snap test from 4 pm to 5 pm, in whatever we have studied on that day. This helps the teacher to understand how much attention we have paid in the class when they teach us. After completing our portions in three months, we had three hour tests every day. The teachers have real patience to conduct tests every day and correct it and guide us to know what all mistakes we have done. This helps us to perform well in our public exams. The tests will be in the public pattern. Whenever we have any problem, we can go to the teachers. They are always available. Study hours help us a lot. In the morning session, teachers sit with us and help us. Since Baba wants us to do even better than we are, he calls different teachers who had been working in different colleges like Gomathi Madam who teaches Economics. She coaches us every Sunday as how to attend the exam. She is guiding us to give better performance in the exams. In each and every aspect, the teachers, their encouragements are superb. Even when our interest dwindles in any subject, they make it very interesting. We are writing French exams in the board pattern. I am the only student in Business Maths in this batch. Ganesh sir takes lot of care in teaching me.

    Prathyusha M (Class of 2008)
  • Dearest Baba

    With Your grace and with it alone I have done Commerce Exam extremely well or rather you had done it. It was really miraculous. I did not know two one-word answers. There was no possibility that I know them. It was taken from some corners of the book certainly unexpected. I just prayed for a second. Some answer came to my mind which wasn’t familiar. I did not analyse.

    I just wrote and they were absolutely correct. Purely a miracle. Since the first exams (French) this has been happening. Thank You so much. I have written for 200 marks to my knowledge and the answers in the books all are correct. The paper was very lengthy. I do not have good speed in writing. But I did not know how I completed before ten minutes. Once again, because of You. You are very much within me.

    How true it is that You are also in the form of knowledge in everybody. I truly experienced it. Still I wonder how I completed the paper. I held the pen and started writing nonstop; how was it possible!! The answers ran through 35 – 40 pages. You made it possible, thank you so much.

    All success and happiness are attributed to You.


    Keerthi Ch (Class of 2008)
  • “I am seeing a lot of changes in Ganesh after he joined SushilHari school. He has improved a lot in his studies and in his interpersonal relationships. I thank the SushilHari school and management. He told me the teachers are very supportive of his studies and he wants to continue his studies there only. I am very happy with his marks. One year at SushilHari has turned him into a vegetarian. He does not want to take any non-vegetarian food and this is what we had long wanted. He has become quiet and well-behaved.”

    S. Sasikala (Mother of Ganesh)
  • “My daughter Dikshita has developed a good personality and has become more intelligent. There is total development in my child. The culture and spiritual knowledge which SushilHari School is imparting is very good. We believe that our daughter will be a complete and prepared individual, ready to take on the challenges of life, and this is being achieved with the help and support of a very responsive and quality oriented school: SushilHari International school. My daughter’s future is secure. Thanks to SushilHari School and Baba for providing us this golden opportunity.”

    D. BadriNarayanan, Chennai (Father of Dikshita)